"Peppers are for everyone, Mother Nature gives you the option to choose the mild or hot level you want to reach"

Xochitl's Peppers Sauces started on March 2009, when Xochitl Petracco decided to include into her meals the unique flavor of dried peppers wherever she goes.

It was very hard for me to find my childhood's taste in my meals, traveling and working all the time it was not time enough to prepare the peppers the way I liked and according to my mood of the day, so I decided to make something that give me the Peppers Flavor on the go and the natural way.

From Accounting to Business Owner Xochitl creates her own corporation on September 2009. The Sauces started to be prepared in a small kitchen in Long Island New York, pushing sales through internet and selling to local markets. 

Thanks to our customers and peppers lovers, we are here because you.

Xochitl Peppers Sauces LLC
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